Measurable impacts to Arizona’s water security through technological developments, partnerships and applied research.

Generating solutions for water and climate resilience
The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative is a statewide project led by the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory in collaboration with Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Through this initiative, ASU works with industrial, municipal, agricultural, tribal and international partners to rapidly accelerate and deploy new approaches and technology for water conservation, augmentation, desalination, efficiency, infrastructure and reuse. 
In November of 2022, the state of Arizona invested $40 million in ASU to lead this multi-year initiative that helps ensure a regional thriving future with a secure future water supply. The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative expands the work ASU is already doing in hydrology, engineering, policy and management throughout Arizona and across the Southwest and scales those advancements to implement evidence-based solutions.
“The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative will strengthen water resilience while enhancing economic competitiveness, supporting high-value job creation, and recruiting and retaining leading industries.” 
- Michael M. Crow, ASU President 
Our Impact
This initiative is being implemented rapidly to meet the pressing nature of our state’s unprecedented water challenges. It's more vital than ever that we all - stakeholders and residents of the greater Southwestern region - work together on shared goals to affect change.
The Arizona Water Innovation Initiative, funded to ideate and innovate solutions over a multi-year period, will focus on four key areas.
Global Center for Water Technology
This center seeks to discover and demonstrate scalable solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors throughout the state of Arizona. The Global Center for Water Technology aims to produce tangible results — including inventions, patents and related startup companies, plus develop and support the following field–scale testbeds.
Advanced Water Observatory and Decision Support System
This initiative revolutionizes water measurement, modeling and prediction and provides data necessary to identify critical risks, vulnerabilities and capabilities in hydrologic systems. 
Impact Water - Arizona
This program catalyzes community understanding and engagement in Arizona’s water challenges and potential solutions. It includes five integrated workstreams focused on policy impact, inclusive engagement, science and technology translation, immersive experiences and water futures.
Arizona Water for All
This program works with Arizona’s most water-insecure households to improve water security and engagement in water decision-making using community-based participatory approaches.
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